"Hello again."

First-time visitors to 12 Oaks remark on how much it resembles a pretty college campus. That's no coincidence, really.

Parks & Trails

12 Oaks is a community of walkers, runners and bikers. You may meet more neighbors on foot–two or four feet–than any other method.

The 687 acres of the 12 Oaks community is designed to be as pleasant on foot as it is by car, bike or golf cart. In fact, it's designed to encourage you to park the car and enjoy our charming setting and the mild Carolina climate.

The 12 Oaks Golf Course and Clubhouse are at the heart of our "college campus" and the streets, golf course cart ways and trails thread past ponds, creeks and connect back to the club. Ultimately, this creates over 20 miles of trails through rolling hills and plains.

The Nicklaus-designed course is a masterpiece of park making and landscape design. The dramatic topography drops over 200 feet from hill to plain. Small natural creeks chase down the terrain and meander through the plains by the Clubhouse. Resident and migratory birds love the tall pines and the wetlands for forage and sanctuary.